Saturday, 20 August 2016


                                                          Art: Karen Smithey

when all this madness ends
I’ll finish that novel,
sit and peck out laptop words
deciphering this delirium
replaying it as memory,
when all this madness ends
I’ll sit beneath the lilac tree
with pizza and a Bud
and calmly reflect on this
delicious rage that rips me apart,
yes, yes, I’ll do all that
tomorrow, or the day beyond
when this intoxication fades,
dripped out like sweat through my pores,
when all this madness ends
I’ll walk through drifts of dragonflies
around the lake’s-edge beneath the sky
watch rabbits and squirrels dash,
pause at the water’s rim and reflect
on all the what might have beens
in the shattered ripples of sunlight,
but not now, please, not yet,
when all this madness ends
I’ll think of you, now and then,
wonder where you are, who you’re with,
and if this makes any sense at all
because it’s sure as hell
the sweetest madness to me


Karen Smithey said...

I love this one,Andy. It's got a melancholy air that I like, and "sweetest madness" is a perfect description...

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed this, Andy. Feels fresh and real . . . love, Annette

Anonymous said...

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really enjoyed this, Andy. Feels fresh and real . . . love, Annette
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