Friday, 30 September 2016


                                                    (September 2016)

trackless tracks
sniffed out betwixt
the cracked crevices
of dry-stone terraces
breeze sighs and ripples web-net
skirts around ancient olive trees,
another wrap of shadow
closing around my shoulder,
invisible ghost fingers looming
on the nape of neck, closer,
tar-blacker than night itself
dryads and tree-nymphs
fear-bug tease at glimpse’s edge
off the photocopied map
through an arch of limbs
to the secret waterfall…
squint high and it glitters from sun
in a golden cascade direct from
eyeless velvet cloud-strands
into elfin glade and cave-mouth
lizard-dart small creakings,
a pupa-snore and a snuffle of
pebbles worn marble-smooth,
butterflies skim swirling
flits like Aphrodite’s fingertips
around spray-wet weed…
those endless spills were
falling before I met you
as we stand and kiss,
they’re falling now
beyond our parting
into separate myths,
falling for, you with another…


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