Thursday, 13 October 2016



OK, so maybe this second issue - two sides of A4, was something of a seat-of-the-pants stop-gap shot. Launched in Spring 1971, with a useful round-up of other counter-culture alternative publishing projects, it nevertheless catches something of the grimy flavor of the time.

I never actually thought much of the name 'Ludd's Mill', although I concocted a selection of dubious explanations for it. I always preferred the title I attempted to infiltrate later as 'publisher', which was variations of 'Eight Miles Higher'. As Steve Sneyd later explained it to me, it was something of a random serendipitous bodge of a process anyway. Pre-launch, the collective was sitting around in the bar tossing around semi-serious suggestions, while Steve - taking the minutes on a notepad already full of poems-in-process, quotes and mystic diagrams, jots them down at angles that cram them into available white-spaces. There was 'Thud!', there was 'Trouble At Mill' - sniping at the Northern Industrial dramas, and there was 'Ned Ludd' - semi-legendary leader of the Luddites. Somehow these titles tended to merge and overlap as the liquid evening progressed, to somehow emerge in the mutant 'Ludds's Mill' configuration. I was never a Luddite. Whereas I approve the idea of direct action, I'm also fond of the way the technology can ease us into tomorrows…

But stick with the story… it gets better...


Gerald (SK14) said...

Wasn't Ludd's Mill an offshoot of "Riding West" or was that later?

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