Tuesday 30 October 2018



Beelzebub, take my legs
I’ve walked a million miles
I’ve done all the walking I need,
walked London, Rome and Central Park,
walked Malham Cove and Holy Island,
don’t need to walk no more…

Beelzebub, take my nose
I’ve inhaled the world and
breathed it back out again,
sniffed flowers, herbs and the
sweet moistness of women’s bodies,
don’t need to smell more…

Beelzebub, take my ears
I have the sound of worlds within me,
gulls circling above familiar harbours
guitar chords that haunt my memory,
the aching gasp of lovers
the cries of my babies,
don’t need to hear more…

Beelzebub, take my tongue,
I’ve said all I need to say
talked and argued with lovers and friends
sung and shouted and raved
at the madness of the world,
recited fairy-tales to children
and whispered soft eroticisms
while entwined in acts of love,
there’s nothing more to say…

Beelzebub, take my eyes
I’ve seen all I need to see,
the wine-dark seas of Crete
the gates of Graceland, the paint
and art and dance and sunrise,
the 9:11 towers falling,
don’t need to see more…

but Beelzebub, leave me my mind
so I can write
just one more poem…

Proud to renew my long-term association with,
and have my poem featured in the excellent new
'MINOTAUR #76' alongside fine writers such as
Ed Mycue, Ruth Moon Kempher, Geoff Bowman
& Jim Watson-Gove.
Issues $5 from: heartfirestudio@gmail.com

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