Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Poem: 'Love Times Infinity/ The Birthday Poem'


you will be my last love
I fill my last silences with you
you’ll be there at the end
inside my mind, my dreams, my body
…now, you sit in a taco bell
pulled in off the highway
messaging me sweet erotic haikus
as you watch the cars,
they’ve got sat-navs set for home
but if all we have is this space
 we create for each other
that’s enough…
you’ll be my last love, and yet
I wonder how the hell we got here,
and how, despite the odds against us
I still believe in all this, for
I can never walk myself away
from your fingers stained with acrylics
from the taste of your morning breath
I’m with you into the last silences
as we pursue each other
off the edge of the map
you… my last love in
a forever that has no end

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