Thursday, 30 September 2010

'Escalator To Andromeda' for EC Tubb

: FOR A 1950’s SF WRITER

(to Edwin Charles Tubb
15 October 1919 -
10 September 2010)

he types
within 4:42
minutes, no
blue sky"

leans back,
drinks coffee,
exhales nebulae
of cigarette smoke,
stares at the wall and
out beyond the wall
as far as

4:42 minutes
later, he
returns to
the typewriter

Published in:
‘ODYSSEY no.12 (Winter 1992)’ (UK - Jan 1993)
‘THREADS no.4’ (UK - August 1994)
‘MISNOMER Vol.2 no.1’ (USA - July 1994)
‘FANTASY COMMENTATOR no.45/46’ (USA - December 1994)
‘MENTOR no.90’ (Australia - August 1996)
and in the collections:-
‘EUROSHIMA MON AMOUR’ Hilltop Press (UK-Oct 2000)
‘JINGLES FOR DISCORD’ (Bound-into ‘MINOTAUR no.42 vol.9 no.3’)
(USA – September 2004)

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