Friday, 27 February 2015

Poem: 'Moonflower Meditations'


“ the midst of a wine-dark sea…” 

“I give you answer” 
she teases 
“when the dome 
of the Forteza 
the setting sun” 

as the Tzitziki 
striate the dusk 
scratching their 
ageless erosions 

her skin ripples with 
fields of oleander, 
her eyes unravel 
scrawls of promise 

I bite back Raki, 
taste its burn, 
the sea gives answer 
all the way to the 
Venetian harbor, 

the sun bleeds 
visibly lower, 
slices the black dome 
as razor through skin 

“I give you answer now” 

I watch 
“I forget the question” 

we throw time 
into the 

Published in:
‘TEARS IN THE FENCE no.12’ (UK - March 1994)
‘TARGET no.6: Final Issue’ (UK - April 1999)
‘THE FOUNTAIN / LA FONTANA’ edit Pete Presford (UK – Oct 2003)
and in the collection
‘THE MAN WHO DRANK THE MOON’ edit Pete Presford (UK - March 1994)


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