Wednesday, 27 February 2013




when I woke friday morning
the world had not ended

there are still grease-rings on the stove,
biscuit-crumbs in the folds of the bed,
formations of dust beneath the furniture,
the curtains still move lethargically
stirring disinterested currents of air,
shadows still move dumbly beyond the window
living lives of desperation both quiet
and loud, in rage and deceptive calm,
litter still silts the pavement around them,
as smoke crawls sleepily over the city,
where snow still glows in bitter wind, and
tobacco smells and factory girls in torn jeans
still fill the café to drink the same acrid coffee

when I woke friday morning
the world had not ended,
but you were gone…

This poem is published in the excellent new 120-page
edited by Tracy Patrick (February 2013) - £6 including P&P
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many other very fine poets. Highly Recommended...!


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