Saturday 26 February 2011

'Street-Artist In The Sun' (Tuscany, May 2008)

(Tuscany, May 2008)

as you pass me by,
feed me euros,
buy my art…

he sits
he sits by his easel
he sits by his easel in ridged dreads & facial piercings
he sits by his easel in the Piazza Della Signoria
he sits in Florence’s city of 1,000-year’s art,
he sits and applies raw sienna smears
over rufous blooms & pale saffrons
sticky with ripe & rotten colours
in tides of bottomless green wash,
he sprays in crushed ochre stipples,
crimson lakes seep into his canvas
below burnt umber skies,
as tourists pass him by
towards the Uffizi &
Cappella Medicee…

buy my paintings
feed me your euros,
the dead don’t need them,
but tonight,
I must eat…

Published in:
‘SPLIZZ no.70’ (UK – September 2010)
‘GLOBAL TAPESTRY JOURNAL no.32’ (UK – October 2010)