Monday 29 April 2013

Poem: '(I Wanna Hear) "Blue Suede Shoes" (On The Radio)'



I reach out,
she claws up to
stand on my hand

walls perspire, pressing in
six centimetres from terror,
I close fingers, fence her in,
brush her soft fur,
sense the quivering
pulse of her heart
the throb of pure
pure innocence…

she whispers of
severe perspectives,
a city of fugitive lights
concrete ceilings, visceral matings,
& exact gun-metal grey parameters

she hopes I won’t forget
and flies gratefully
through the window,
out over the rooftops
and into the
melting sun

I become more aware
of the dirt beneath
my nails, and
the repetition
of cages…

Published in:
‘ZENOS no.2’ (UK – August 1982)
‘YOUR FRIENDLY FASCIST no.23’ (Australia – Dec 1983)
‘FRONTAL LOBE no.2’ (UK – December 1994)
‘ASTARTE no.3’ (UK – February 1995)
‘TARGET no.1’ (UK – February 1996)
and in collection:
(Bound-into ‘MINOTAUR no.42 vol.9 no.3’)
(USA – September 2004)


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