Tuesday, 30 November 2021




birds dream of trees 
fish dream of tides 
toads dream of moist shady places 
ice-moons feel secure in the 
gravity-embrace of gas giants 
virus multiply in a 
nurturing bloodstream 
stars swarm in the coil 
of the galactic spiral arm 
earthworms slither in cool soil 
parasites feed deep within 
warm pulsating gut 
ants dissolve into the horde 
amoeba divide into 
the completeness of new wholes 
molecules cluster into 
ever-complexifying structures 
sperm and ovum conspire to ignite life 
phantoms convene in moonlight 
seeking the comfort of the crypt 
and I yearn 
for your touch…

from my book:
'Tweak Vision: The Word-Play
Solution To Modern-Angst Confusion'
(Alien Buddha Press, USA, 2018)

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