Monday 31 January 2022

Poem: Low Walls



why do low walls fascinate? 
why do they always seduce your attention 
and lure you with their teasing challenge? 
but they always do, and always have, 
when I see a low wall, I just have to 
climb up and walk along it, 
there’s simply no other option, 
I’m helpless against its invitation, 
so you climb and you teeter along its length, extending 
your arms at either side like an agile tightrope-walker, 
pretending it’s scary, pretending you’re about to fall 
and plummet to some terrible mangling doom, 
even though its barely knee-high from the street, 
the tops of some low walls, like the ornamental 
walls around municipal flowerbeds, are raised into a 
central ridge which makes them even more precarious, 
and hence more of a challenge to your nimble skills, 
some have hazardous mossy patches or even ivy 
growing across them which you must carefully navigate... 
until you finally reach the end of the wall, and 
have to descend down to dull pavement-level again, 
until the next wall... 

Published in: 
‘GARGOYLE no.74’ 
(Paycock Press, Richard Peabody) 
(USA – December 2021)


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