Thursday 30 June 2022

Poem: 'A Whispering Silence'


(Chalkidiki September 2006) 

but not here 

Poseidon’s green trident 
of peninsula’s thrust in 
bird-scattered Aegean, 
a vibrant cluster 
of villages set beneath 
the forested hills, with 
black scorched-earth scars 
wreaked by summer flame 

only the turtles survive, 
sculling safe beneath 
the deep-water surface 
of their hidden lake 

life grows progressively 
stranger, the longer I’m here, 
a deepening need to firm 
onto structures, as you 
change my world by leaving it 

there’s fossil-life beneath 
the surface of stone, 
yet for all associations 
with timelessness 
this place is ghosted 
with impermanence, 
old silences beneath 
deep-water surfaces 

your absence 
demands reorientation, 
a repositioning in 
altered topography 

I can’t escape 
sensing body-warmth 
in the touch of sun, 
your breath in the silent 
scars of old arguments, 
with words as events enough 
in themselves to define 
things that fray, but 
never quite separate, 
things that words are 
never equal to, until 
I can write poems to 
prove they are… 

in the slow drawing-in 
of dreams we share your 
wait for anticipated 
menstrual flow, as 
you arrive somewhere… 
but not here 

there’s no place 
like alone

Published in: 
‘PURPLE PATCH no.116’ 
(UK – February 2007) 
Featured online at: 
(24 April 2019) 

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