Sunday 25 August 2019



old men with white beards 
stand on podiums, pontificating, 
pay attention, we can benefit from 
their wealth of life-experience 
and accumulated learning, 
old white men with beards 
lecture interminably, listen, 
we are fortunate they deign 
to gift us with their wisdom, 
tell us how to think and behave 

old white men with white beards and 
portly waistlines, poets, professors 
curators and clerics, novelists, 
critics, politicians and historians 
pause for power-point punchline 
punctuation and dramatic effect 
as we hang on their every word, 
these venerable old custodians of 
whiskery white male cultural values 
fixed ideas, intractable philosophies 
and academic elitism 
…everything we reject 
and don’t need to learn, 
I’ll tell you how to dance in sunshine

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(24 August 2019)

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