Friday 25 February 2022

DVD: 'Suzi Quatro: Trailblazer. Inspiration. Survivor'


DVD Review of: 
(2020, Acme Film Company) 

Dale Hawkins did the original Rockabilly ‘Susie Q’, which the Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival later revived. Growing up in motorcity Detroit young Susan Kay Quatro was probably familiar with the song. Always a solid bundle of rocking energies, it was brother Michael who set up her audition for Mickie Most at Motown’s Studio A. Signed to Rak Records she was supplied with suitably nonsense hits written and produced by the Mike Chapman-Nicky Chinn team, to become inescapably part of the 1970s chart machine. She wore ‘Barbarella’ leather because she’s an Elvis fan, but the ‘Top Of The Pops’ image tells only part of the tale. Tributes from Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Deborah Harry, Wendy James and others testify to her influence – as leading the first female-fronted Rock band, and her enduring presence persists. Wielding a bass-guitar that weighs more than she does, the trade-off for a life lived on the road since age fourteen is family and marital issues. Divorce from solid husband-partner Len Tuckey – former guitarist with Nashville Teens (from 1969-1973), and problematic sister-moments, including with Patti who went on to join Fanny. Here, she sets out to redress the balance. Don’t underestimate her. Watch the DVD story. As her 2019 ‘No Control’ album indicates, Suzi Q was always a Rocker at heart, and is at her best writing her own material. All she demanded was that the world ‘let me be who I am.’ She would accept no compromise on that. 

(The DVD bonus features include an interview with Liam – not Gallagher, but director Liam Firmager) 

Published in: 
‘RNR Vol.2 Issue.80 March-April’ 
(UK – March 2020)


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