Monday 28 February 2022

Poem: 'Who'll Be The Next In Line?'



Is this the end of the queue? 
Is this where we wait? It is? Thank you. 
I can’t even see the head of the queue. 
Can you? No. Me neither. 
Seem to spend our lives queuing. 
We pretend to be patient, don’t we? 
We try to endure the inconvenience. 
But it is annoying. In fact, it’s maddening. 
Did we move then? One pace forward? 
No…? Just wishful thinking. HaHa! 
It’s getting late. How long has it been now? 
There’s more people joining up behind us. 
An endless queue, one that goes on forever. 
Maybe I’ll sit down, take the weight off. 
Text-message home… oh, no wifi here. 
Time passes. Slips by, and we’re still here, 
an hour later, a day, a week, a month…? 
Don’t want to move in case I lose my place. 
Are you sure we’re in the correct queue? 
It’d be terrible to find we’re in the wrong line! 
Hungry, thirsty, tired… and I need the toilet. 
Strange, how all these patient people, 
barely shuffle forward, heads bowed. 
Does this queue even have an end? 
Are we here for eternity? HaHa! 
I just got this crazy unsettling thought… 
what if we’re all dead, and this is 
some kind of bureaucratic afterlife? 
Wait, did we move then, one pace forward, 
No…? Just wishful thinking… 

Published in: 
(USA – March 2018) ISBN 978-1986-907484 
Collected into: 
Alien Buddha Press (USA – March 2018)


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