Tuesday 29 March 2011

Poem: 'Autobiography Of A Superflake'


vagina. breast. piss & shit. milk. ‘hello world!’
n hull estate. escape domestic violence. to dunswell
school. sputnik. gagarin. elvis. penniman. ‘somethin else’
marie’s nipple. jet-ace logan. hair, where no hair was before.
acne. circle-jerk. eleven+ (failed). hg wells. sillitoe. barstow.
dumb insolence. shoplifting books. inventing myself
henri. dizzy. ‘nebula sf’. aldiss. coleridge. homer. 78 45 33rpm
honda 205cc. cavan smashed to death. pain. rage. anger
confusion. post-death protocols. wounds that carry forever
ginsberg. kerouac. burroughs (er & ws). bakunin.
print. grime. factory girls. thumbtrip to soho. blake (x2)
‘if.’ ‘blow-up’. cnd. trotsky. grace slick. tzara. breton. dali
sleeping under skegness pier. burning. urgency. impatience
eight miles higher. where are you tonight, sweet marie?
cathy. the news for today will be the movies for tomorrow
subterraneans. father. pub. awkward meeting. resentment
leeds bedsit. dope (think about it). lsd. leary. ‘sad traffic’.
poems. more poems. gig. more gigs. better gigs. breasts.
quest for the poetry groupie. day the world turned dayglo
‘global tapestry’. ‘ambit’. faber & faber. ‘tears in the fence’
more breasts. paris. barcelona. words. more words
stephen & susan. ‘stopwatch’. aegina. ithaca. crete. knossos.
vice versa, clock dva, cabaret voltaire. festival mud
alternative cabaret in gas-mask. blandford. c30 c60 c90
vegetarian (goodbye meat). redundancy. freelancing
cd dvd mp3. sex. furtive sex. pain. mycenae. ramones
mother’s dead, remorse for 30yr denial. crying out the pain
goodbye hair. enfeebled. dementia. drooling. piss & shit.
what the fuck was that all about? ‘goodbye cruel world’.

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